Monday, August 13, 2012

Carmelo Anthony Brings Home Gold and an Olympic Record

   Carmelo Anthony said that it was "a lot easier". Kevin Durant sure was good at it too. The three-point shot help the United States bury most teams. On Sunday the US team was able to hit 15 three-point shots against Spain, who only hit 7. This type of shooting helped them go undefeated in the Olympics and bring home the gold medal from the London games.
     According to FIBA rules, the governing body over basketball in the Olympic games, the three-point line is 22 feet, 1.7 inches. The NBA three-point line is 23 feet, 9 inches, except in the corner where it is 22 feet. It is much easier for NBA players to drain these shots consistently. Carmelo Anthony said, "In our league, that's a normal shot. That's my range. That's a shot I take on a consistent basis and feel comfortable making."
Against Nigeria Carmelo shot an amazing 10 of 12 from long range en route to an Olympic record 37 points in one game. On Sunday he only hit 2 of 6 three-pointers and ended with 8 points. Kevin Durant shouldered much of the load with 30 points in the 107-100 victory in the gold medal game.
     Carmelo Anthony had the pleasure of having his former college coach Jim Boeheim as one of his assistant coaches. Boeheim won yet another gold medal with Team USA. His tandem with Coach K has been one of the most successful in Olympic history. The only drawback, coaches do not get medals just players.

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